• Lauren Dempsey

To Post or Not to Post?

I've been really struggling the last few months with finding the motivation to post content online about mental health related stuff.

For a while I was questioning myself and wondering if I really am making a difference? I believe that I am but was feeling down about not making ENOUGH of a difference. I guess I was reaching quite high and from that resulted in me posting nothing at all.

In a recent conversation with someone, I was reignited with the drive and motivation to pursue my passion - smashing the stigma of mental illness! I think sometimes I struggle to put my thoughts into words and as a result end up with silence.

Seeing and reflecting on some of my past journeys, experiences, fundraisers etc. to smash the stigma, I am ready to get back into it! We all need a break from time to time :)

It's so heartbreaking for me to know people out there struggling and feeling so alone. I'm determined to do the best I can to change this. By you reading this, you are supporting me to do just that, so thankyou!

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