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Tips and Strategies for Good Self-Care

I came across this picture recently and thought it was worth sharing. To me, it's a great representation of how we can look after ourselves on the daily and cover off on these 4 pillars of self-care (physical, emotional, social and spiritual). With COVID, I've been trying to take the time to incorporate some more daily practices, routines and self love into my life and I must say it truly is working!

It's all about a positive mindset and training your brain to not allow negative thoughts to overcome you mind. These thoughts can be uncomfortable and frequent but meditation and mindfulness practice has taught me to make room for these thoughts and allow them to be there. It's not about giving in to them and letting them take over but acknowledging they are they and letting them go like leaves floating down a river or cars driving down the road. They are there but they float or drive away and we just acknowledge their presence.

I've also been taking up weekly yoga via Zoom and working hard on eating nutritious food and walking each day. Journaling is another thing I'm trying to complete daily with my journal from The Resilience Project. Support systems and communication is an area I'm really trying to focus on. Rather than wallowing in self pity and feeling disconnected, I am trying to shift this mindset to focus on things I can do to improve my relationships with others and communicate more rather than hiding away (I'll keep you updated on how this goes!).

I hope some of these words or this picture can assist you with some self-care activities. I'd love to hear what self-care practices you are doing or what you think you might have a go at after reading this. Are you already undertaking practices from each of these pillars? Has this picture given you some ideas on what you may like to try? Why not have a go at trying one thing from each of the categories? Let me know how you go!

All the best,

Lauren xx

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