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Talk Therapy

I definitely struggle to put my thoughts into words at times. I want to be able to relay to you all how I'm experiencing life through my mental health journey but it can be hard to articulate.

I find when I write posts on any of my trektohappiness socials that it's usually a situation, person, event or picture that has inspired me. For this post, it's the picture below that has inspired me as well as a few comments I read recently on a mental health page about how so many people were struggling to articulate their thoughts.

For me, this picture sums it up perfectly. The bottom left is definitely me a lot of time with so many thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. going through my head. When these things are spinning around in your mind, it can be difficult to really understand what's behind them or underlying. Saying these thoughts and feelings out loud to someone else or even yourself can really help to detangle that giant web you've created in your head.

For me, I know talk therapy really helps (along with other things). I've always been open about seeing a psychologist and I tell you what! From walking in to a session with a jumble of crazy thoughts going through my head and not being able to understand them, I generally come out with a weight lifted off my shoulders, a smile on my face and my crazy head thoughts rolled into more controllable bundles.

It's amazing what talk therapy can do. I feel like my psychologist can be a miracle worker at times! I can walk in to a session feeling so down or confused and come out with such a clear mind. It's like the cobwebs have been brushed away, the fogginess lifted and I am able to go about as a (relatively) functioning human again!

My one big take away from this is that if you are considering talk therapy as a way to help you or if you've tried it and feel as though it's not working then know that IT IS OKAY TO 'SHOP AROUND!'. For me, knowing this a lot earlier on in my mental illness journey would have saved me a lot of stress and time. Not all psychologists, counsellors, social workers etc. may be the right fit for you but it's okay to let them know that and try to find someone that you connect with.

Take care!

- Lauren x

* Note that if you are looking to seek professional support try consulting with your GP as a first contact point and they will help you through the process.

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