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Black Dog Institute fundraiser - the results are in!

Just wanted to give all my supporters a MASSIVE shout out and say thankyou for your contribution to my 30th birthday fundraiser for the Black Dog Institute!

It was a little bit of a different feeling this year, having a milestone birthday during COVID-19. I didn't really need to have a massive party and celebration but I wanted to try and make it special in some way. After a bit of thinking, I landed on a fundraiser to support a charity that's close to my heart.

The Black Dog Institute aims to create a mentally healthier world for everyone. The money raised through my fundraiser will be directed towards education and awareness activities to help improve the lives of people living with social isolation, mental illness and suicide.

This fundraiser helps Black Dog raise vital funds for:

  • Research into Suicide prevention and clinical treatment.

  • Expand our education programs  to reach more communities, schools and health professionals.

  • Development of apps and websites to serve as real-time mental health tools so people can manage depression, anxiety and stress at their own pace

To view the fundraiser please visit:

I am so happy to announce that together we raised $577 for the Black Dog Institute!!

What an amazing 30th birthday present that was!

I am really stoked that the money will be doing directly towards supporting mental health education, research and resources.

Together we can break the stigma of mental illness and support each other to talk more openly about mental health issues.

Lauren xx

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